Companies working on SDGs Come to Grape for Metaverse, VR, and AR design


Grape Ethical
Virtual Brands

Grape is a creator team that designs all virtual spaces and virtual items that are
visualized in virtual reality and augmented reality such as Metaverse, VR, and AR.
Grape is the first in the world to advocate ethical virtual brands. Our clients are
companies that strive for SDGs

SERVICESWhat Grape provides to our clients

Planning and management o virtual events

Planning and management of virtual events

We design, plan and manage all kinds of virtual events such as virtual live events,virtual information sessions, and virtual trips.

Design of virtual items

Grape’s contracted creators design and develop everything that appears in virtual space and augmented reality, such as products, buildings, cityscapes, fashion,people, nature, etc.

Brand production of virtual items

We will launch the brand from zero and comprehensively produce virtual items from planning to sales. We also undertake OEM contracts for virtual items of existing brands.

BRAND CONCEPTWhat is an ethical brand?

Grape is an “ethical virtual brand”
that produces virtual designs and virtual items with ethical ideas.

10% of Grape’s profit after tax will be donated through its own board committee to fund nonprofit organizations working to close real-world economic disparities. Grape is a business that introduces the concept of ethic into the virtual world in the form of design with donations.

With the advent of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), the design and data of virtual spaces have become economically valuable. We are about to enter the dawn of the creation of a virtual space economy.

In the real world, it may be difficult for products with donations to dominate the economy, but the economy of virtual space is still developing, and there is plenty of room for businesses with ethical concepts like Grape to dominate.

There is a chance in virtual space that even an unknown child can become a brand creator that surpasses high brands, and people who have never built a real car can create a car. By creating cool items that are recognized by the world by people who are ethical-thinking and action-driven, a new common sense of economic activity that is completely different from the economy of the real world will be born.

The value of Grape
“Beyond the SDGs”

Grape was born from SDGs thinking. Virtual space consumes a lot of electricity, but it will become a place where you can have a low-energy, inexpensive andhighquality experience.

People who have previously been unable to enjoy entertainment and hobbies for financial reasons will be able to increase the range of enjoyment in life. From the perspective of SDGs, virtual space is definitely a growing market.

As an ethical virtual brand, Grape will continue to collaborate with socially committed companies and people, looking ahead into the future beyond 2030, which is the demarcation of the SDGs. The more you work with Grape, the better society will be, the better the future will be. This is the value of Grape.

Meaning of
“Bringing heart to virtual

“Bringing heart to virtual reality “is a business philosophy and it expresses Grape’s thoughts and ideas. By creating a virtual space full of heart and fun,Grape will realize a real world with a heart and build a world where each person’s life can be enriched and fulfilled.

Grape’s story

Grape flower has meanings such as “human love,” “trust,” and “euphoria.” We hope that “human love” will exist in the virtual space as well. In addition, it is Grape’s belief that virtual space exists only based on the real world, and the name expresses the feeling that we cannot forget that virtual space is an event of “euphoria”.

About the
One-PC Hero Project

Grape continues to discover talented creators. We will actively cooperate with creators who have already achieved financial success, but as an activity unique to Grape, we are implementing the “One-PC Hero Project”.

With a PC and talent, anyone from the young to the old can utilize the development of Metaverse and NFT – the biggest chance of the century – to escape the economic disparity. We are discovering creators all around the world, so please contact Grape to nominate yourself or others if you think there is an exact match. Even if you don’t travel to Japan, you will have the opportunity to enrich your own life and the lives around you while you are abroad.

In addition, companies are encouraged to use Grape for digital designs using Metaverse and PCs. Grape is dedicated to providing exceptional value to users, and in addition to that, Grape’s ” One-PC Hero Project” can provide social value to the world.

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